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Complete contacts with the latest technology Total communication in digital era

Digital Printing is a professional information exchange platform published jointly by the Digital Printing Branch of China Printing Technology Association and KeyinPrint Media
Digital Printing, as the authoritative media in the field of China’s digital printing technology, its purpose is “contact with the latest technologies and communication in the digital age,” it takes “pioneering, trendiness, openness and interaction” as its style as well as fully focuses on and forcefully advances the digitalization process of China’s printing industry. So far, it has become the best vehicle for the domestic printing industry to know about the printing digitalization process.
Pioneering—Propelling the digitalization process of China’s printing technology in an exploring manner, actively seeking for and dissimulating new and true knowledge of the innovation of the digital technology in the printing sector, fully promoting the combination of new concepts, methods and tools of international digital printing technology with local industrial practices and guiding the new digitalization trend of China’s printing industry.
Trendiness—Fully stressing R&D and application of digitalized new technologies, equipment and techniques, exploration in new commercial modes, fully promoting reform, innovation and breakthrough in technologies of China’s printing industry and constantly facilitating exchanges and dialogues between China’s printing industry and its internationally advanced counterparts.
Openness—With an open mind, equally treating new technologies, equipment and concepts of various genres as well as encouraging exchanges and integration of diverse technological concepts so as to build an open and efficient platform for the digitalization process of the printing sector.
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