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Printing Technology

Beloved technological textbook for printing managers
Essential technological bible of technicians

Created in 1957, printing technology is the earliest specialized printing periodical in China.
The purpose: “disseminating industrial information and promoting industrial growth”.
The content: fully covering new trends and tendencies of the printing and packaging fields, promoting new equipments and materials, discussing new technologies and techniques, popularizing new knowledge and publicizing new experience, in order to enlighten the transformational thought of printing enterprises.

The comprehensive advantage:

Introduction to issue
Publishing forms: full color, 16 formats, semimonthly
Pricing: pricing $ 20 per month, priced $ 240 for the year
Subscriptions Department: Industry Service Centre in Keyin Media
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The comprehensive advantage:
Possessing the most extensive support from readers: For years, printing technology, bases on the actual growth of China’s printing industry, emphasizes its display of technical characteristics and deeply analyzes growth case of printing and packaging enterprises, as well as taking management personnel, medium-and–high-level technicians in printing enterprises and front-line operators as its main readers. The most solid reader base of printing technology consists of management personnel, technicians, faculties and students from academies as well as printing packaging enterprises.
Industrial media with the largest coverage: Through five decades’ hard work, Printing Technology has become a specialized journal with the largest coverage in China’s printing, packaging and relevant sectors from Northeast to North China, from Central to East China, from the South to the West, and from Shanxi, Gansu and Ningxia to Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. With all-inclusive contents and a large coverage of subjects, Printing Technology has two issues each month, including Graphic Arts Edition and Packaging Printing Edition respectively.
The most professional editor team: Printing technology boasts a most powerful team of high-caliber editors and journalists who are familiar with the industry, excellent in technologies, acute in perception and capable and experienced in conduct. Having a good understanding of the upper level and close contact with the grassroots, they follow up hot issues and analyze matters in focus. Furthermore, also specially organizes printing expert think tank consisting of reputed industrial experts, scholars and technical authorities, jointly build a powerful information communication platform.
Most authoritative expert team: In addition to extensive understanding of the printing and packaging industry, the powerful expert team of printing technology has made a profound study in many technologies in the industries. It is the most authoritative specialist viewpoint that enable printing technology become a famous domestic brand in the printing and packaging industries.

Most influential special series reports: By discovering new industrial hot points, exploring new industrial concepts and inspiring new ideas, hot topics and focused on discussions of the industry, the series report in each issue of Printing Technology triggers a new round of discussions on hot issues. Printing Technology never deviates from the mission to “promote the advancement of industrial technologies” by reporting the domestic market and international trend so as to promote the common advancement of the whole industry.